BuildingHopeBadge-R2 copy220x180Building Hope Academy is a community school situated in rural Kenya, close to the world famous Maasai Mara. Many children in the community were denied the opportunity to obtain an education due to long distances to the nearest school, wild animals and poverty.

Our school opened as a kindergarten/preschool in May 2013 with one classroom, 51 students and 3 teachers.

With contributions from our global friends and donors, the school is now equipped with six classrooms, 143 students and 8 teachers. We now have children attending Building Hope Academy from kindergarten to Class 2.

Currently, we are fundraising for a kitchen/dining/community hall, additional classrooms/library/computer room, boarding houses and volunteer accommodation.


Given the challenging circumstances of many students’ families and our mission to provide quality education to our community, we seek individual student sponsorships to cover the cost of their education.

Currently, we have 15 children sponsored and our goal is to reach 100% sponsored.

Our aim is to make Building Hope Academy a centre of excellence, producing future leaders and ambassadors of our community.


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