Project Enachipai is a long-term project to bring education, health and community development to the community in an easily accessible manner.

The community we work in is situated in rural Kenya, near Narok, and is home to the Maasai tribe. Due to the long distances and dangerous terrain to the local schools, the children usually do not start any type of schooling until they are 8 or 9 years old. This puts them behind from the beginning and causes a high primary school drop out rate.

In 2010, David and his family donated 15 acres of land to their Maasai community. As land ownership is closely guarded in Kenya, this donation was proof of the dedication of the Nkuito family to bring change and opportunity to the community. The original dream was to build a kindergarten and nursery where the local children could easily access and receive quality foundational education.

Today, with the generosity of our global friends, this dream has been realized – Building Hope Academy! Currently, we have 78 children enrolled in the school and we will add a new class on each new school year.

Looking ahead, Project Enachipai has plans for:

  • Kindergarten/nursery
  • Primary school
  • Teachers’ quarters
  • Staff/student washrooms
  • Kitchen/dining room
  • Boarding houses
  • Community centre
  • School kitchen/dining hall/community meeting centre
  • Volunteer accommodations
  • Health clinic

To date, we have completed:

  • 4 buildings with classrooms, staff rooms, office
  • 2 student washrooms
  • Staff washrooms
  • 6 teachers’ quarters
  • Temporary kitchen
  • School vegetable garden
  • Over 400 trees planted

We are currently fundraising for:

  • School kitchen/dining hall/community meeting centre
  • Housing for volunteers
  • Additional classroom
  • Library/computer room
  • Additional Student toilets
  • Health clinic
  • Community gardens

Have a look at our vision, created by friends of the Foundation, architects, Stephanie Braconnier and Jed Gordon-Moran. The vision is a compound that is built using locally sourced and low environmental impact materials and techniques.

DSCN2191 Project En Clearing 256x256

DSCF4702Project En Building 256x256

DSCF6373 Sukuma 256x256

DSC_7233BHA Cabbage256x256

DSC_7240EnachipTempKitchen256x256Temporary kitchen