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Children in the community rarely attend school and, if they do have the opportunity, it is for a very short time. The girls are married off at a very early age (12-13) to obtain dowry money and the boys are taken from school to tend to the livestock. Children have often lost a parent to disease or misfortune and their families have little money to spare for school fees.

With the funding for scholarships and sponsorships from individuals, we send needy and at risk primary school and secondary school students to quality private boarding schools away from their community to ensure that they have the same opportunities as their urban peers and also to restrict distraction by their relatives who may want to hinder their education.

We have also built and opened a pre-primary/nursery school, Building Hope Academy, catering for the young children in our community. Previously, due to the long distances to the closest school, children did not start any form of schooling until they were 8 or 9 years old. This is very difficult and leads to huge drop-out rates. This is a community school and funded entirely by sponsorships and donations.

Sponsoring a child is a rewarding, life-changing experience, both for the children and the sponsors. We provide regular updates and encourage sponsors to communicate regularly with their sponsored children. Many sponsors have also made the journey to Kenya to meet with their sponsored child and their extended familes and experience the difference they are making.

We currently have 50 children being educated under our sponsorship programme – a number we look forward to increasing as we welcome future sponsors to the Nairoshi Foundation family.

For a complete description of the sponsorship program, click here.


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